Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kirk, the myth, the man

I good friend of mine got me the kewlest piece of Kirkian Memorabilia.

A Kirk Bobble head.

Complete with Phaser and Black Power Fist!

Move his head and he says;

"Space the Final Frontier"
"I am a solider, not a diplomat"
"This is Captain James Kirk of the Starship Enterprise>
"Spock, Try licking me between my balls and my asshole"
"Bones, the Green girl gave me space crabs"
"Sulu, you little Jap Fag, put a shirt on, when your on the bridge"

Thursday, September 10, 2009

What up in Life?

You Suck, no you really, really do suck. I mean we all do.

Get over it...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Boycott Ben & Jerry's

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream renamed the flavor Chubby Hubby to Hubby Hubby, in support of Vermont and Gay Marriage...

Bummer, I could not put anything called Hubby Hubby in my mouth...

It's not about Gay rights, it's about what Marriage is all about.

Man / Women, Penis&Vagina=baby reproduction.
Penis&Penis=no baby
Penis&Ass=bloody cum covered turds (no baby)
Vagina&Vagina= no baby and wet sheets.
Vagina&dildo=stinky plastic

I am not against gay people having the SAME rights as everyone else. If you love someone, I dont care. You should have the same access, the same care and end of life arrangments as everyone!

But Marriage is between a man and women, Domestic Partnership is between two people.

Your not as cool as this

all governments are liars and murderers

"'all governments are liars and murderers" so said Bill Hicks,

Anyway, he is right, ALL Governments, lie, cheat, steal, and America is the top dog, the dog that eats it's own, spits out the bones and gets the others to chear about it.

There has never been a GOOD American Government, there never will be.

I do not mean there are not good men & women in the government, but the whole thing is a cancer. Never was it good, never was it right. It was founded on ideals, but could never live up to them.

Just like marriage, it starts out full of excitement, full of promise and sexually charged, only to end either in divorce or quite denial that you would like to be fucking another pussy or cock...

Obama is no different, no bigger a villain, the Bush/Cheney, Lincoln / Hamlin Kennedy / Johnson.

They all lied, and killed our citizens and foreign citizens.

Obama is continuing to attach sovereign nations (Pakistan) on the mythical war on an idea.

War's on ideas all fail.

War on Drugs (did it help?) It failed.

War on Terror it already has failed!

How about a war on wars? This may work.

The America I fell in love with is gone, actually it never existed, just like falling in love with a person.

It is the over estimation of a sex object. Only I did not fuck America, America fucked my ideas.

My ideal America only exists in my head, a nation of fairness, of freedom, of justice and equal opportunity. A nation interested in being for the people, governed by the people. I do not believe there is anyone in Government that is like me, or the people I know.

Obama never worked a roll up your sleeves job. Bush did not, few of our presidents did. Few politicians did.

Being a Lawyer does not count in my book. Lawyers are not real people in my book. they get in the way of justice by using the Law. The two things are not the same, they are meant to be close, but law and justice is seldom achieving the same ends.

When I retire, I will go far from here, I will continue to love America, and wish her the best, but I will do so from afar...