Monday, November 21, 2011

Time for the End of Big Buisness in Government

This Erection, (in 2004 I stopped calling the Election and election as it really is a boner, thus I say Erection 2012).
2012, do yourself and your ancestors a favor.

DONT VOTE DemoCant or Repugnican..
Vote ANYTHING ELSE. Vote for someone like you, look at their tax returns and vote for someone in your Income bracket!

I am voting for states rights, and NOT for ANY JACK-HOLE like Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich! And not Borak the Obama!

Here on my left hand side I have Romney showing care and compassion for a man in a wheel chair who tells him to his face MMJ helps him. Romney is a class act by just walking away. Thats' the type of president I want.

Let me say it clearly!

FUCK ROMNEY! and the Nazi's like him. FUCK OBAMA and the FDA for highjacking the Cigarette industry and making the cig packs have pictures of cancer.

I don't smoke, but anyone over 18 knows cigarettes can lead to all kinds of bad things.
If we do cigarettes, we need to do alcohol, no one is saying anything about that?

Millions of Americans Die from Tobacco and Alcohol related issues every year.
Get off your band wagons and realize, no one has ever died of Marijuana!

Big Government loves Big business.
During World war II the Cigarette companies paid bank to the government, and gave free smokes to the troops!
Because they had a captive generation to hook on their products. They were behind the prohibition of Marijuana in the 30s!

After it became a taboo, big government had to part ways and never mention it again.

We need laws that protect our freedom and don't hamstring what America was founded upon.