Friday, August 13, 2010

Step on my Flag I Shiite on your Koran

I have no issue with Islam, I know muslims and respect their religion. I have traveled extensively to countries where Islam is prevalent. Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, and I respect people and what or how they worship.

But if you come to the USA you can practice, even preach your doctrine and I don't care. But when you try to change the system to accommodate your religion at the expense of the current state of things. If you try to make America a 2 law system inclusive of Sharia law, they I have an issue.

If you don't want to handle pork, don't work in a place that sells it. If you don't want to have Alcohol in your cab, don't drive a fucking cab. If you wont let a dog into your cab, don't drive a cab. If you don't speak english, DONT LIVE IN THE USA!

I don't care what you speak anytime of day. But to live here, you have to interface with the people around you. A lot of Somalians are here on our good intention to give them a place to live. But abuse our liberal laws to remain Somalians and have no love for America. They act like they deserve the handouts we give them and have no gratitude for this nation.

Then some of the teens go back and wage war against America. This is the kind of Gratitude we get.

After World war I and II, many MANY eastern europeans and russians came to the US and kissed the ground. Still do today. But some of the attitudes of Somalian refugees are despicable. These peoples attitudes is simply so bad it is almost like dealing with the emotionally handicapped.

It is almost as if they expect us to convert to Islam simply by bringing them here.

I say no to ANY changes to accommodate ANY Religion. I would rather see NO religion that any adjustments to America for any religion.

If you don't love America, please leave. The first Somalian terrorist strike in the US will be a bad day for Somalians in America.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rap Music has no social values

IF you enjoy rap music or it by any other name, I apologize if I offend you by this blog.

But music who's lyrics are solely dedicated to being a Gangster or Gangsta where killing your enemies, getting high, getting drunk and getting laid and getting paid are your only aspirations. Then listening to this drivel all day long, eventually even a well adjusted person will start to feel like a criminal.

I may be missing the meaning, perhaps it is not all the same, but here is a website that may sum it up.

Guys with Guns, Weed and Money seam to be what they are projecting.

Not getting educated, getting a job and moving on or up in life.

But not all music has social value. Most is just for the listening pleasure of the audience.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Conan Movie, Stars Pencil Necked Geek!

I grew up with Conan, I entered my teens with Conan, I started lifting weights because of Conan. When Arnold Schwarzenegger put on the role of Conan, I was enthralled! He was Conan. I saw the movie 10-20 times in the first year it came out. I owned the VHS, Laser Disk and later DVD. The sequel to Conan the Barbarian (Conan the Destroyer) was not nearly as good, but I ate it up and wanted more.

Conan is supposed to be HUGE.

He has 3 emotions, Blood Lust, Mirth and Melancholy.

He is not a surfer, but a Barbarian who strides through life taking what he can and making it his.

He is a trusted friend and a feared enemy.

I don't know Jason Momoa, but the pics I have seen of him, though he is fit, muscular he is NOT CONAN material!

Bring us a Conan we can embrace. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson would have been a good Conan, but this surfer dude?

Conan would only ride a surf board to go fishing for Great White Sharks.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Verne Gagne: Still Lethal

This is sad. I missed this article last year, but I grew up with AWA Wrestling or All-Star Wrestling in Minnesota.

One of the key figures of this time was Verne Gagne. He was the man, in fact he was the owner of the AWA.

Well it turns out he is 82 or 83 and sometime ago started suffering from from Alzheimer's disease.

He got into it several times with another resident of the home he was staying at. Apparently body-slammed a 97-year-old fellow patient at the suburban nursing home where they both lived, causing the man's death.

Helmut Gutmann, a former cancer researcher who suffered from dementia himself, died Feb. 14, about three weeks after breaking his hip in the confrontation. Authorities ruled his death a homicide. I am very saddened by these events. As Helmut Gutmann (who I never knew was a pretty special guy.

Helmut was born July 31, 1911 in Strasbourg, Germany. He received an MD from the University of Goettingen. Helmut had an avid and life-long love of recreational sports, including skiing, mountainclimbing, tennis, swimming, canoeing and fitness training. He immigrated to the US in 1936 under threat from the Nazi government, and served as a captain in the Chemical Warfare Service of the US Army. Helmut worked for 40 years as a research scientist at the VA Hospital in Minneapolis. His research resulted in the publication of 120 papers in professional journals. In addition to science, Helmut had an abiding love of classical music. He played the violin for many years, including 12 years with the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra. Later in life, he played the piano, which he did until his death.

Police said there was no clear indication of what set Gagne off, and neither man could remember the incident afterward. Behavior and personality changes are common as Alzheimer's progresses, and victims of the mind-robbing disease can become agitated.

Like others with the disease, Gagne had all but lost his short-term memory, while his recollections of long-ago events were vivid. But whether he was suffering a flashback to his days in the ring, as some have speculated, is anybody's guess.

Police said they plan to forward the case to prosecutors by the end of the week for possible charges. Gagne, who has since turned 83, has been moved to another institution.

It seams this was the second time they tangled. They had had one scuffle before, when Gutmann had been shouting at other residents and Gagne put a chokehold on him. Gutmann wasn't hurt in that incident.

I know I am late on this, but thought it was worth posting.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sad Day in America when Westboro Baptist wins this court case

Fuck those fucking fuckers at Westboro Baptist Church. Sure free speech, but the shit they do by protesting at dead soldiers funerals is hateful, wrong.

If I went to a funeral of a african - american and protested "Nigger goes to Hell" I would have some problems coming to me.

Would I be protected by free speech? I would hope the hate laws would kick in.

From Worldnews.
An appeals court that ruled against Albert Snyder, father of slain Marine Matthew Snyder, has ordered that he pay $16,510 (covering legal costs) to the man who protested at his son’s funeral with signs like “Matt in hell.” Synder had sued Westboro Baptist leader Fred Phelps over the protest, a case he initially won but which the appeals court overturned in September. The court ruled that Phelps’ speech was protected under the First Amendment.
Folks all over the country have registered disgust with the ruling and Westboro Baptist by donating money to Snyder to cover the additional costs.
The Supreme Court could overturn the lower court’s ruling when it hears Snyder’s case in its next term, which begins in October.

if anybody deserves an undesired ass fucking it is the folks at Westburo.

I support free speech. I am against protesting a funeral to make a political statement.

The nut jobs have every right to protest their agenda. But within earshot of a grieving family? No sir go fuck your inbred children somewhere else.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Obama kills space exploration, hates gays, loves dry Vaginas

President Obama has stopped the funding for a program that would return Americans to the moon and perhaps preventing American space exploration. Opening up the resupply of the space station to private industries, and handing the torch to the Chinese.

This is his dark plan to persecute homosexuals and women who are not moist enough for normal coitus. Throw in there hetrosexual couples that like to go in through the out door as well.

I believe we (America) should be leading and not chasing the space race.

Look what good has come out of space exploration.
1. Tang (danm that shit is good)
2. Space Ice cream bars
3. Kewl photos of the moon and earth
4. Satellites
5. Astroglide personal lubricant

Astroglide is a brand of personal lubricant manufactured by BioFilm Inc of Vista, California.

The inventor of Astroglide, Daniel Wray, discovered it while working on the cooling system of a space shuttle at Edwards Air Force Base in 1977. This association with aerospace was responsible for the name of the brand. The name "Astroglide" was originally licensed to a small company in North Hollywood (in 1982). When the company failed in 1991, Wray was able to regain the rights to the name.

So by nature of association, Obama crushing the plan for manned moon missions, has drawn a line in the sand and said not to butt-sex, and forced the arid women to watch Patrick Swayze videos prior to coitus to lube up thier vaginas.

May Michelle never be the stuff of sand paper for our Gay bashing anti-lube president.