Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mugabe Motherfucker

Of all the motherfuckers out there, Robert Mugabe takes the cake.

Here he is now munching on cake at his lavish $250,000 birthday party!
"mmmm that's good cake" a While my people suffer and I have ASSFUCKED this country into oblivion.

The birthday celebrations come as Zimbabwe struggles with the world's highest inflation, food shortages and a cholera epidemic which the World Health Organisation says has killed 3,894 people since August last year.

There have been more than 84,000 reported cases, says the WHO.
More than half the population is believed to need food aid, while just 10% of adults have a regular job.

Mugabe has reduced farm production by half since 2000, mostly due to his take over of "White Owned farms".

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has vowed to continue seizing land from white farmers after a spate of "farm invasions" over the past month.
Speaking at a rally to celebrate his 85th birthday, he also promised to push for majority Zimbabwean ownership of companies operating in the country.
Mugabe supporters raised $250,000 (£176,000) for a lavish birthday party in Chinhoyi, north-west of Harare.
Zimbabwe asked African states for $2bn (£1.4bn) in economic aid just days ago.

Morgan Tsvangirai, the new prime minister and former opposition leader, did not attend the celebrations despite earlier indications that he might.
Mr Mugabe's spokesman, George Charamba, told Reuters news agency he had opted out of the event after realising it had been organised by the president's Zanu-PF party.
"People should not read this as a snub - he excused himself," Mr Charamba said.
Mr Mugabe turned 85 on 21 February but his party is being held a week later.
SADC 'nonsense'
Mr Mugabe told the rally in Chinhoyi there would be "no going back" on planned and already executed seizures of land owned by white farmers.

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) tribunal in Namibia had no right to intervene on the farmers' behalf, he said.
"Farms will not be returned back to former farmers," he told the audience.
"Some farmers went to the SADC... but that's nonsense, absolute nonsense, no-one will follow that.
"We have courts here in this country, that can determine the rights of people. Our land issues are not subject to the SADC tribunal."
In November, the tribunal ruled that Zimbabwe's plans to seize dozens of white-owned farms were illegal under international rule and should be halted immediately.
Zimbabwe's Commercial Farmers Union says that, in the past month, operations at about 150 farms have been disrupted. Some farmers have been evicted.
Mr Mugabe said the new government would continue to push for a majority stake in companies operating in Zimbabwe.
"We would want to see a greater participation of our people in them, not less than 51%, in certain companies we would have designated," he said.
Mr Mugabe also urged his supporters to accept the new power-sharing government but his latest message on land reform is a sign that he is still firmly in control, BBC Southern Africa correspondent Peter Biles reports from Johannesburg.

This week, Mr Tsvangirai's Movement for Democratic Change said the government must intervene to stop farm disruptions, in order to enhance productivity.
Economic woes

Mr Tsvangirai - who was sworn in two weeks ago in a unity government with Mr Mugabe ending months of political deadlock - has said it will cost as much as $5bn to fix Zimbabwe's economy.
The country has asked for $2bn in emergency aid to revive public services and the business sector.
Following a two-day meeting of regional ministers in Cape Town, South Africa, members of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the African Union pledged to "pursue measures in support of Zimbabwe's economic recovery programme".
But Western donors have said they are waiting for proof that the unity government is really working before sending in funds.

Friday, February 27, 2009

China Blasts the US on Human Rights

Yeah Right.

China the bastion of freedom. Where the Catholic Church is not aligned with the Vatican, Where the Tibetan Buddhist cant recognize the Dali Lama, where complaining too much you get sent to prison. Where the government forces you to close your business because of the Olympics.

They blast the US on our rights.

Well sure we have murders, crime, but that is not an issue with the Goverment. Rather an issue with stupid people, poverty and hip hop. Yes Hip hop is a promoter of crime. I believe it dulls the brain on a jungle level, making you stupid, dark and foreboding.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Long live the Ramones!

I used to get up every morning and listen to 3-4 Ramones songs to get me up and ready for the day. It was better then coffee.

I miss them, no one comes close these days to rocking like they did.

I saw them 2 times at First Avenue in Minneapolis the sets were all of like 1 hour maximum.

They walked on stage, Joey walks up to the microphone "Hi were the Ramones" and they start playing, just like that.

One song finishes. The next one starts no more then 2 seconds after the previous.

No big production. Just Rock n Roll.

Moss Pit, dancing crazy, kicking ass, covered in sweat and a little blood, that funky funk was coursing through air. A mixture of sweat, blood, smoke, urine, vagina flow and organic moss.

It reaked but you didn't choke on it, you thrived on it, the youthfulness of your aggression, left dripping in splots on the floor. Your best intentions oozing out of you like puss from a wound, your glad it was freed, but horrified at it's sight.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Organ theft, more common then you think

I thought it an urban legend. I thought it stupid. I was wrong.

The following article from the ABC News highlights just how wrong I am.

GURGAON, India, Feb. 1, 2008

As Mohammad Salim Khan gained consciousness, he found himself in an unfamiliar house with a stranger in front of him wearing a surgical mask and gloves.

"What's happened to me?" Khan (through an interpreter) said he asked the man, because he could not move his limbs.

"Your kidney has been removed," the man said.

"How will I live?" Khan asked, shocked at the information.

Khan, 33, said that he was taken to the three-story house where the illegal surgery took place by men who offered him construction work. Khan explained all of this while lying in a bed in the isolation ward of the Gurgaon Civil Hospital, located on the outskirts of Delhi.

His extreme story is similar to those of the two men in the beds on either side of him -- Shakil Ahmed, 28, and Naseem Mohammad, 25 -- the same men who were in the room with him when he woke up from his surgery.

messed up shit!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Australia holds 'pigeon smuggler'

We have smuggled grapes in our trousers, even a beer, and for a few, a bananna in our pockets. But the latest smuggler of stuff in your pants would make the gerbil smuggling Richard Gere proud.

Australia holds 'pigeon smuggler'

A man has been caught with two pigeons stuffed in his trousers after he got off a flight from Dubai to Melbourne.
Australian customs officials say the live birds were wrapped in padded envelopes and held to the man's legs by a pair of tights under his trousers.
Officials also found two eggs in a vitamin container in the man's luggage.
Australia has strict quarantine rules on the importation of wildlife, plants and food. The man, 23, could face up to 10 years in jail.
The nation's quarantine regulations are designed to protect health, agriculture and the environment.
As well as 10 years' imprisonment, the maximum sentence for wildlife smuggling includes a fine of A$110,000 (US$70,480; £48,902).
Customs officials say they also seized seeds in the man's money belt and an undeclared aubergine, following the flight on Sunday.
They add that the pigeons were not endangered and that the case, as well as the birds, eggs and seeds, has been turned over to the country's Quarantine Service to assess the health risk.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Surgeons remove healthy kidney through donor's vagina

Oh my god! In what is being heralded as a "first-ever procedure," surgeons removed a healthy kidney through a donor's vagina, the Johns Hopkins Medical Center has announced.

Although the procedure has been previously done to extract cancerous and nonfunctioning kidneys that threatened a patient's health, the January 29 surgery was the first time it was done for donation purposes, the center said in a news release issued Monday.

"The kidney was successfully removed and transplanted into the donor's niece, and both patients are doing fine," Dr. Robert Montgomery, chief of transplant surgery at Johns Hopkins, said in the release.

The surgery is considered less invasive and could pave the way for an increase in organ donations, it added.

"Removing the kidney through a natural opening should hasten the patient's recovery and provide a better cosmetic result," Montgomery said.

He told CNN on Tuesday, "We want to make it easier for people to donate, to have less impact on their lives, [be] in hospital a shorter amount of time and get back to their lives quicker."

Ketosis Says, the only Organ to come out of a Vagina is My Penis. that and a fully developed human baby.

Any thing else is just weird...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fucked up Police

In Hillsborough County, Florida, police were caught, by their own surveillance cameras, dumping a quadriplegic man from his wheelchair and onto the ground. Apparently they were trying to determine whether or not he actually needed the chair.

Japanese Government Banning Used School Girl Pantie Vending Machines

Japanese Government Banning Used School Girl Pantie Vending Machines, Well scratch off another reason I wont be going to Japan this year. Looks like I will have to just get my Used School Girl Panty fix from the internet.

Here is the story if your interested.

Fart in Class = Jail

In Florida, the home of some of the stupidist people I have ever met,
A 12-year-old boy was arrested November 4 for breaking wind (farting) during class and disturbing his classmates by shutting off their computers at Stuar's Spectrum Jr./Sr. High School.

Well the boy was a disruptive part of the class, buy arrest?

FOUND map of Heaven

Here it is the map of heaven, don't ask me my sources (the internet), but it is here, and I can tell it is real, because what map of heaven would not have "American Land"? Only a real map of Heaven would have "America Land".

Also knowing Heaven it would have to have a "Dinosaur Petting Zoo" and a Go Cart Section. Just past "Family Land" you have "Marital Coitus Castle" and after fucking your wife for centuries you can pop out and a snack or candy from Joab's Candy shop.