Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Steven Segal Verses Vampires

Steven Seagal...Steven FUCKING Seagal, is the toughest, baddest, ass kicker around. Ok, ok, add to that fattest, oldest and cockiest...

He has saved the president, the navy, the world, and brought justice to New York, LA. Tracked down serial killers, escaped from prison, and now in the face of a vampire virus running amok, he will face off against...Vampires, wielding shotgun, samurai sword and quoting the Dali Lama.

The best part of this, the film "Against the Dark" is available NOW on DVD.

What a second Ketosis, how did I miss this movie at the Ciniplex? The trailers on TV? The interview with him on Leno or Conan.

Steven Seagal is too fucking cool for all that shit. Too Fucking bad ass to listen to Leno, or do trailers. Get this DVD today or he will kick your ass.

oh, after you get it, can you lend it to me?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cat Shit One: Fucking Awesome


this is the most awesome thing on the net. Look to the right for the You Tube Video.

Bunnies can be bad...Very bad.

Life is a bitch, then you catch her in bed with your best friend, father and the girl you had a crush on in high school. It's your worst night-mare. Marry early, have puppies, divorce, get it out of your system, become a grumpy old man and die.

Monday, March 16, 2009

He Kexin Bitch is a Fucking 12 Year Old

Chinese Athletes Dope! If Doping is extended to age manipulation they dope.

the country is full of unethical mother fuckers.

Here is the Latest news.
Thousands of Chinese athletes fake their ages.

Bone tests on teenage Chinese athletes have shown that thousands had faked their age, often in order to keep competing in junior events.
A study in the southern province of Guangdong found one in five had lied, with some discovered to be seven years older than their registered age.
For talented young people from poorer areas in China, sports tournaments can offer a chance to make a better life.
Some commentators say all that is needed is more rigorous checks.
'Widespread practice'
The tests were carried out on teenage athletes registered with sports academies in Guangdong.
The youths were X-rayed to try to determine their real age.
The province's governing body found more than 3,000 who had lied about how old they were - about a fifth of those tested.
It is an embarrassment for China which denied allegations during last year's Olympics that its athletes, in particular its gymnasts, had not been honest about how old they were.
At last year's Olympics in Beijing, some of China's gold-winning gymnasts were alleged to be below the minimum age of 16.
However, after an inquiry, the sport's governing body cleared them of any wrongdoing.
At the weekend, it emerged that a badminton player who had won a provincial title as a 14-year-old had now admitted to being 17 at the time of the contest.

I think China should be suspended from ALL International Athletic Competitions until they all die or they actually start to be honest. Which ever comes first.

I think they will all die first...