Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sad Day in America when Westboro Baptist wins this court case

Fuck those fucking fuckers at Westboro Baptist Church. Sure free speech, but the shit they do by protesting at dead soldiers funerals is hateful, wrong.

If I went to a funeral of a african - american and protested "Nigger goes to Hell" I would have some problems coming to me.

Would I be protected by free speech? I would hope the hate laws would kick in.

From Worldnews.
An appeals court that ruled against Albert Snyder, father of slain Marine Matthew Snyder, has ordered that he pay $16,510 (covering legal costs) to the man who protested at his son’s funeral with signs like “Matt in hell.” Synder had sued Westboro Baptist leader Fred Phelps over the protest, a case he initially won but which the appeals court overturned in September. The court ruled that Phelps’ speech was protected under the First Amendment.
Folks all over the country have registered disgust with the ruling and Westboro Baptist by donating money to Snyder to cover the additional costs.
The Supreme Court could overturn the lower court’s ruling when it hears Snyder’s case in its next term, which begins in October.

if anybody deserves an undesired ass fucking it is the folks at Westburo.

I support free speech. I am against protesting a funeral to make a political statement.

The nut jobs have every right to protest their agenda. But within earshot of a grieving family? No sir go fuck your inbred children somewhere else.