Friday, November 28, 2008

Thailand: Land of Smiles

I am in Thailand this week, it is the Winter here now, so it is about 80 degrees F. Outside and the Humidity is only 48%.

Not too bad really.

As you may have heard the main Airports Don Muang and Suvarnabhumi are closed due to anti government protesters here. Little violence has occurred(however some people have been killed).

SSDD. Same Shit Different Day in Thailand.

There have been 10 Coups here since 1971. I was here during the last one in 2006.

The Kings Birthday is December 5th, so it will probably be settled via Coup or not before that. I hope. I have all next week here, and hope to get out on time, but you never know.

Most Thais think it is silly (that I talk to). Closing the airports has stranded 1000s of tourists and so far 1.5 million tourists are canceling trips. That is probably over a billion US dollars in lost tourism. It is likely to be 2-3 that.

The Thais in this worldwide economic crisis simply can not afford this.

Mostly I have been staying in our corporate apparment (NOT in Bangkok) cooking my own meals working late and watching the Discovery Channel.

I must be getting old, I seam to like cooking more for myself, and enjoy my own company. I went to Thanksgiving at a co-workers, friend on Thursday. The man is an insperation (from a culunary point). He is a fantastic cook and did 2 Turkeys up a storm. His gravy and stuffing were awesome as well. But I gotta tell you his Apple Pie as the best I had ever had. Made in Thailand, in this weather, he did a fantastic job.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Opus: Gone

My favorite comic, is done, complete, over...

Life goes on. Opus, a creation of Berkeley Breathed, started as Bloom County in 1980. I was a huge fan, I had the books, I had t-shirts and even a framed print of Opus in my house, I passed it as art, and would look at the picture of Opus, and laugh.

Berkeley Breathed ended Bloom County in 1989, to later start up Outland (same year).
He ran that until 1995.

Then in 2003 Opus came out, and now in November 2008, it is over.

Here is his final resting place:

Berkeley Breathed may not share my same political, moral or religious views, however We share a bond, that is Opus and the characters of Bloom County.

Goodnight Sweet Opus, Godspeed.