Sunday, September 21, 2008

Casper"s or Kasper"s Hotdogs...

I love a good hotdog, I mean relish it really. I like Hotlinks, Chili dogs, dogs with Kraut.

So I live in Fremont and have been a patron of Kasper's Hot Dogs

This is in the Hub in Fremont.

A few years ago I stumbled upon Casper"s hotdog in Hayward. Caspers

So the menus are almost exact. The dogs themselves are a little differant, but both are really, really good. I prefer the ones in Hayward (Casper's) to the one in Fremont (Kasper's). But here is the story behind them.

Oh BTW, if you ever strike up a conversation with the waitstaff at either, be prepared for an earful, or even to get thrown out!javascript:void(0)

Kasper"s was a hotdog stand opened in 1929. The original I am told is still there. 4521 Telegraph Avenue in Oakland. It currently is under renovation (Since 2003 apparently)
It was opened by a gentleman by the name of Kasper Koojoolian.

Now there is another Kasper's in Oakland, Kasper's Hot Dogs 2551 MacArthur Blvd. The owner Harold is the Nephew of Kasper Koojoolian, (from the Oakbook).

Someone Else opened up Casper's in 1934. The rumor I hear it was the same family and someone got upset and left. Another rumor is nothing doing. Kasper's came first. Casper's came second. Casper's has it's own sausage company. As Kasper's does not.

I would like more info, if anybody has it, let me know. I probe at the stores and no-one wants to talk about it.

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