Monday, October 13, 2008

Bad-Ass Update: "I Stab you in da face!"

El Salvadoran Cpl. Samuel Toloza is a total badass. He was part of a small Central American unit stationed in Najaf, Iraq that came under attack from Iraqi insurgents.

The small unit was caught off-guard and managed to put up a tough defense before running out of ammunition. With one man dead, twelve others wounded and no bullets left Toloza and his three remaining comerades desperately attempted to hold their position. When Iraqi rebels surrounded one of his wounded friends and tried to pull him off, Toloza freaked out ninja-style, whipped out his goddamned pocket knife and started stabbing the shit out of anyone that came near him.

In one of the only known instances of hand-to-hand combat in the Iraq conflict, Cpl. Toloza stabbed several attackers swarming around a comrade. The stunned assailants backed away momentarily, just as a relief column came to the unit's rescue.
"We never considered surrender," Said Toloza. "I was trained to fight until the end."

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