Monday, November 10, 2008

Opus: Gone

My favorite comic, is done, complete, over...

Life goes on. Opus, a creation of Berkeley Breathed, started as Bloom County in 1980. I was a huge fan, I had the books, I had t-shirts and even a framed print of Opus in my house, I passed it as art, and would look at the picture of Opus, and laugh.

Berkeley Breathed ended Bloom County in 1989, to later start up Outland (same year).
He ran that until 1995.

Then in 2003 Opus came out, and now in November 2008, it is over.

Here is his final resting place:

Berkeley Breathed may not share my same political, moral or religious views, however We share a bond, that is Opus and the characters of Bloom County.

Goodnight Sweet Opus, Godspeed.

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