Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Steven Segal Verses Vampires

Steven Seagal...Steven FUCKING Seagal, is the toughest, baddest, ass kicker around. Ok, ok, add to that fattest, oldest and cockiest...

He has saved the president, the navy, the world, and brought justice to New York, LA. Tracked down serial killers, escaped from prison, and now in the face of a vampire virus running amok, he will face off against...Vampires, wielding shotgun, samurai sword and quoting the Dali Lama.

The best part of this, the film "Against the Dark" is available NOW on DVD.

What a second Ketosis, how did I miss this movie at the Ciniplex? The trailers on TV? The interview with him on Leno or Conan.

Steven Seagal is too fucking cool for all that shit. Too Fucking bad ass to listen to Leno, or do trailers. Get this DVD today or he will kick your ass.

oh, after you get it, can you lend it to me?

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