Monday, August 10, 2009


Ok, your probably asking yourself..."Ketosis, this picture scares me, where are you going with it?"

I, the Ketosis Junkie am no where near this picture, but I feel it important to let you America know that the world is filled with scary people. Very Scary people, and you have to know it. These people could be your neighbors, your boss, your Sunday school teacher, meter man. They could like in your appartment building.

So stay vigilant America, keep spying on your neighbors, your friends, report any weirdness if you see it. If they watch to much CNBC, FOX or CNN, if they go to church every Sunday, if they wear burkas or dont wear them. If they simply don't fit the fine example of the American family so correctly depicted in "Married with Children".

Good Night and Good Fuck

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