Friday, August 13, 2010

Step on my Flag I Shiite on your Koran

I have no issue with Islam, I know muslims and respect their religion. I have traveled extensively to countries where Islam is prevalent. Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, and I respect people and what or how they worship.

But if you come to the USA you can practice, even preach your doctrine and I don't care. But when you try to change the system to accommodate your religion at the expense of the current state of things. If you try to make America a 2 law system inclusive of Sharia law, they I have an issue.

If you don't want to handle pork, don't work in a place that sells it. If you don't want to have Alcohol in your cab, don't drive a fucking cab. If you wont let a dog into your cab, don't drive a cab. If you don't speak english, DONT LIVE IN THE USA!

I don't care what you speak anytime of day. But to live here, you have to interface with the people around you. A lot of Somalians are here on our good intention to give them a place to live. But abuse our liberal laws to remain Somalians and have no love for America. They act like they deserve the handouts we give them and have no gratitude for this nation.

Then some of the teens go back and wage war against America. This is the kind of Gratitude we get.

After World war I and II, many MANY eastern europeans and russians came to the US and kissed the ground. Still do today. But some of the attitudes of Somalian refugees are despicable. These peoples attitudes is simply so bad it is almost like dealing with the emotionally handicapped.

It is almost as if they expect us to convert to Islam simply by bringing them here.

I say no to ANY changes to accommodate ANY Religion. I would rather see NO religion that any adjustments to America for any religion.

If you don't love America, please leave. The first Somalian terrorist strike in the US will be a bad day for Somalians in America.

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