Monday, April 6, 2009

Do you look at your shit, before you flush?

I spoke to a young lady, who in her arrogance / innocence said she never looked at her own feces.

"What!?" Ketosis replied, it is a natural thing to do, and also it is part of judging your health.

Silly Kunt retored "what can you tell about your health by looking at your shit?"

"HA, well first if there is gobs and gobs of blood, you might judge you have a torn sphincter or hemeroids, second if its green or yellow or has swimming worms might be an indication of something is wrong." Retored your's truly AKA Ketosis Junkie.

Anyway, poop is not Play-do, so don't make sculptures out of it, or use it as filling for a pudding pie...

Check out for more fun poop facts, or scatfacts...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I always look at my poop. Sometimes I fill up the shitter so much that I have to flush multiple times or else I will leave something behind for the next guy. Those are the times when I wish I had a camera so I could prove it to people. I guess I have a camera on my cell now. Do you want a picture next time?