Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Long live the Ramones!

I used to get up every morning and listen to 3-4 Ramones songs to get me up and ready for the day. It was better then coffee.

I miss them, no one comes close these days to rocking like they did.

I saw them 2 times at First Avenue in Minneapolis the sets were all of like 1 hour maximum.

They walked on stage, Joey walks up to the microphone "Hi were the Ramones" and they start playing, just like that.

One song finishes. The next one starts no more then 2 seconds after the previous.

No big production. Just Rock n Roll.

Moss Pit, dancing crazy, kicking ass, covered in sweat and a little blood, that funky funk was coursing through air. A mixture of sweat, blood, smoke, urine, vagina flow and organic moss.

It reaked but you didn't choke on it, you thrived on it, the youthfulness of your aggression, left dripping in splots on the floor. Your best intentions oozing out of you like puss from a wound, your glad it was freed, but horrified at it's sight.

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