Saturday, February 7, 2009

Organ theft, more common then you think

I thought it an urban legend. I thought it stupid. I was wrong.

The following article from the ABC News highlights just how wrong I am.

GURGAON, India, Feb. 1, 2008

As Mohammad Salim Khan gained consciousness, he found himself in an unfamiliar house with a stranger in front of him wearing a surgical mask and gloves.

"What's happened to me?" Khan (through an interpreter) said he asked the man, because he could not move his limbs.

"Your kidney has been removed," the man said.

"How will I live?" Khan asked, shocked at the information.

Khan, 33, said that he was taken to the three-story house where the illegal surgery took place by men who offered him construction work. Khan explained all of this while lying in a bed in the isolation ward of the Gurgaon Civil Hospital, located on the outskirts of Delhi.

His extreme story is similar to those of the two men in the beds on either side of him -- Shakil Ahmed, 28, and Naseem Mohammad, 25 -- the same men who were in the room with him when he woke up from his surgery.

messed up shit!

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