Saturday, July 5, 2008

5th of July Reality Check

This is NOT Me, but it exemplifies how I feel.

We are still the greatest nation on the planet, yet we have pissed away alot of foreign good will, to many lives, too much money fighting wars that we as a nation do not have the will to win. I wish we did, but we cant win with this current mind set. No war has ever been won without the nations will to win it. From where I set, we don't have the will to win it. Too many good Americans are dieing and too many Iraqi's and Afghans are dieing. We didn't go there to kill either. Just to make the world a better place. Right?

Our economy is hurting, and we are paying too much money for fuel, and fuel is how America runs. The election wont change that because Demo-cant or Re-pubic-ican really is the same either way with a lot of arm waving, about politics. I kinda feel that the nation founded in 1776 was not what we have today.

We are in another Cold war with Russia and China that is being fought in economic terms with real live bullets also being fired.

Make way for the Olympics cause this will see the embarrassment of the Chinese government as it rolls over ANY one who tries to protest. Olympians, please win the gold and pull out your Tibet Flags! I am on a rant and a rave today, but change begins at home.

Be polite, think about your world and remember...

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