Thursday, July 31, 2008

UFO's on the Dark Side of the Moon

Recent activity in the press, quoting astronauts that have been to the moon, that the government is covering up the fact that Aliens have visited the planet. Well covering up stuff like that is what governments do.

I mean what else is the government good for?

I believe it.

How else to you explain:
1. Microwave Ovens
2. Cell Phones
3. Tang
4. Lasers
5. Donald Trump's Hair

People, we are being watched, manipulated, and controlled. Here is some of the ways it is happening:
Transfats: Alien manipulation of our waste lines, and life expectancy
High Oil Prices: Alien manipulation of our pocket books
Barak Obama: Alien manipulation of our common sense

On the subject of Aliens on the moon, I have my own dark side of the moon, you don't want to see...

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