Friday, July 25, 2008

Fear the Future, Fear Obama

Obama scares me, not because I am white, for crying out loud. He frightens me because I see dark days ahead. A man who says to Latinos America needs to learn Spanish. A man who says he is ashamed that Americans only speak English.

WTF? English is the international Language. It is the Official Language of the United States! If you come here and work, speak it! I have traveled extensively, I mean extensively, to 4 continents, and guess what? Everywhere I go, English gets me buy. The signs are also in English as well. Even Backfuckingwards China, Signs in English as well. Indofuckingnesia, Signs in English as well. English is the most commonly spoken language next to Chinese (only due to China has 1.4billion people, and they breed like rabbits. (more on population control at a later date). Point is the FUCKING WORLD speaks English Barak-dick.

Perhaps the recently Freshman Senator might have considered this if he had any experience overseas.

The Germans love him, sure, because he is NOT BUSH. Well I believe they would love Hilary because she has a Bush. It would not matter who went overseas, the Demo-Cant's could have sent Skippy the Retard and they (the Germans) would have showed up in droves, crying about a new fucking day. Because the world (especially the people in Germany who hate war, (remember the Austrian Corporal thing and the Kaiser)want someone on the trigger who is opposed to war. Europeans are peace-niks. That's ok, 1/2 of me is too. But 1/2 of everyone is opposed to war. But when the trains blow up, or the buildings fall down, we all want our pound of flesh in retribution.
(Speaking of pound of flesh, next week, I got a few pounds of female flesh I will be showing off).

Well the War Monger Hippy Hawk, believe we need to rage war, and follow it up by waging peace. War, Peace and War again. It is what humans do.

So Obama is going to make Spanish a national Language, as well as Ebonics, and Hip-hop the National Anthem. He will not drill offshore and he will make Bio-Fuels the way he starves America to death. The man scares me, and he should scare you.
He won't admit the surge helped, he won't admit he made a mistake.

Thanks for all your hate mail, God Bless haters and lovers alike. This blog is intended to make you think. It's OK to disagree, but Hate? Well welcome to my fan club...