Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Olympics in China

After months of promising the Internet would be uncensored for journalists during the Beijing Olympics, the International Olympic Committee said that many Internet sites would be blocked under controls applied by China's Communist government.

We see that China, refuses to comply with the principals of free speach. Wait for the first Olympian to pull out a Dali Lama Shirt, or Tibet Flag, and then we will see.

The Ketosis Junkie has spent countless hours in China, and I am hoping there is plenty of protests, plenty of atheletes that show some solidarity for Tibet and for human rights.

I used to think the Olympics were not political, Athletes were athletes and not statesman. But your representing your country, your a statesman, not an athlete on the international front. Like it or not, your an ambassador, for your country when on the international stage. If you can't respect that, then don't wear your nations colors.

This Olympics, is political. It is important and it SHOULD be a disaster for China.
China executes between 1000-5000 people / year! This is one reason the Ketosis Junkie is opposed NOW to capital punishment. Once you give a government power to decided life and death, you can't take it away, and they can easily extend that power to other crimes besides murder. It only takes adding "Treason" to the list of capital punishment, then anyone who opposes the government on things like civil rights can be killed.

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