Saturday, July 12, 2008

Middle Age

Well it is officially my life as a middle aged man, I realized I am not going to be drafted by the NFL, I won’t be discovered by Playgirl or any movie producers, won’t be asked to be a backup singer by Mick Jagger.

I won’t qualify for NASA and will not face any major alien invasions.

But I have to look forward to, longer bowl movements, more time at the Doctor, prescriptions all the time, and a membership in the AARP!

I will not stop listening to the Boomtown rats, Sex Pistols, the Replacements and Frank Sinatra. I will play Nashville Pussy from time to time, to freak out my neighbors, and simply put will refuse to age gracefully.

Not to say I won’t do that with a smile on my face and be polite about it.

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