Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bigfoot Update: Bigfoot is Human/Opossum Hybrid.

Well, the press conference appears to be a bust. No evidence really, just some more blurry photos, and lots of people saying the online photo matches a $400 Bigfoot costume for sale on the internet. (See Photo fbove).


The first round of DNA tests (three samples in all) proved nothing, but points us down the road that this is a hoax. of the tests, one came back inconclusive, one contained traces of human DNA and one had traces of opossum DNA.

I think what they are telling us here, is Bigfoot is a Human/Opossum Hybrid.
I mean with hybrid cars all the rage, hybrid humans would be a big media event.

There will be more DNA testing. The 2 Georgians claim the first was only preliminary and the Human DNA was contamination and the Opossum was something Bigfoot ate. An Opossum eating Bigfoot? What a diet. Opossum on a stick? Or deep fried Opossum?

One of the new photos are of other Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) that were stalking the 2 Georgian hunters as they moved the body out of the wilderness. The other new photo is of Bigfoot's teeth.

The two will only let their own handpicked Scientist examine the body. They are getting ready for an autopsy of the animal. The Scientists are about to get involved, but one is on holiday until tomorrow and two others from Russia have yet to arrive in the US, they said. (How convenient we are at odds with Russia over Georgia? (the other Georgia). Perhaps the Russian Bigfoot scientist will be delayed as they may have a Bigfoot emergency in South Ossetia, that will delay them.

But Fox has a reporter that will be the first journalist to see the dead animal, maybe as early as this week, they said.

Well, hope springs eternal, and I hope they make us all eat our words.

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