Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day in History: One Little Boy kills 70,000 in Japan

8:15 August 6th, 1945 the world changed significantly. The United States Unleashed the atomic bomb. The course of Human history was altered. We had used a weapon of mass destruction and 70,000 lives were wiped out in an instant. The weapon's yield was considered very inefficient was a gun type FISSION WEAPON. It's yield was only 13 Kilotons. That said a single bomb had a blast radius of about one mile.

White people really are the killer angels.

90% of Hiroshima's buildings were destroyed or partially destroyed.

Say what you will this WAS a humane way to end the war.

The coming invasion of Japan was sure to cause the lose of over 100,000 of American lives, and probably millions of Japanese. Also at risk was the execution of ~100,000 POWs who would have been disposed of, had Japan's mainland been invaded.

The Japanese, were extremely tenacious, and would have fought even harder (if possible) as they had in the Japanese Islands of Iwo Jima, Okinawa and others. Civilians would have been sacrificed, or killed themselves in droves.

You have to remember 100,000 lives were killed in the fire bombing of Tokyo, that had been going on, and would have continued.

Yes, atomic weapons are terrible, Japan paid the price, but was it not due?

The military mentality was if a human was not a Japanese, they are sub human. Massacres in China and other areas proved that. Mayby in way this is the karmic payback for this.

We all paid for it, now we have nukes in France, China, Russia, USA, Britain, India, Pakistan, Israel and Iran. May the number decrease, lest our Alien oversears come down and kick our ass.


Anonymous said...

Hello War Monger,

I cannot believe you would think the lives of innocent Japanese civilians was justified. Here these people were eating breakfast when they were obliterated. You are a terrible person for thinking this is any way justified.

War Monger Hippy Hawk said...

Dear, Anymouse,

Thank you for writing.

What about all the raped, pillaged and murdered Chinese in Shanghai, or the Vietnamese, Korean, Filipino's raped, and killed?

They bombed, us and unless they tow the line, we WILL do it again!

On a serious note, this ended the war early, my daddy got to come home and fuck my momma, and that is how I got here!

Anonymous said...

You are a typical Right wing war monger. Everything you say in this blog proves that you don't understand anything. The Japanese soldiers are like soldiers everywhere. What about the American atrocities? Should we get nuked because of what our soldiers do?

You kind of people make me sick and are going to cause the end of humanity, but maybe that is best for the planet anyway.

I will stay autonomous because of our right wing police state.

War Monger Hippy Hawk said...

The Japanese had a policy of mistreatment.

American soldiers don't. Individual activities are the exception.

Rule of law does prevail. We have our mistakes,

Anonymous said...

Look at all the times American fascist soldiers have done things. According to President Kerry it was policy in Vietnam. And since he was there, he would know. Bushy wasn't there like the coward he was. McCain was sitting in a hotel in Hanoi so doesn't know anything either.