Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tom Cruise is fat and balding

Ok, this is only partially true, as the picture reveals.

I don't hate Mr. Cruise, I do think the Scientology think is a crock, but before casting stones at peoples religions, judge not lest ye be judged.

Anyway, the guy as a bit part in "Tropic Thunder" and I am looking forward to seeing the movie. I think it looks funny, pokes fun at a lot of stuff and that is what the Ketosis Junkie is all about. Check out the pic at your own risk.

Also Remember Obama is not Black. He is 1/2 Cracker. And I can say Cracker all I want.

BTW here is a blog that I endorse.

They have rejected my suggestion for Item 101: Cross Burning, but I am hopeful.

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