Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sunday Morning.

It's Sunday, when we go to church to pray. The house that God Built. I decided to pray last night at this glorious church. Corinthians 13 never looked so good.

So here's to everyone out there, God Bless and have a good week.

Before saying Ketosis is off his rocker, or a blasphemer. Judge not least you be Judged. I believe God made everything, and choose to pray in a more visceral manner.


\ˈvi-sə-rəl, ˈvis-rəl\

1 : felt in or as if in the viscera : deep (a visceral conviction)
2 : not intellectual : instinctive, unreasoning
3 : dealing with crude or elemental emotions : earthy (a visceral novel)
4 : of, relating to, or located on or among the viscera : splanchnic (visceral organs)

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