Friday, August 8, 2008

Russian Invasion of Georgia

Well, Jimmy Carter is Pissed about that.

All kidding aside, this was planned to happen on the day the Olympics started and Putin and Bush would both be out of their prospective countries. I am sure this was no accident. Bush and Putin I am sure had words.

Putin would have said something like this:
"Fuck you, Georgia is NOT part of NATO and will never be, I'm fucking taking it back!"

Bush's response would be:
"Vlad, nice chicken skewers here at the buffet ehh? BTW I don't care about Georgia, they were gonna be one of the blue states in the next election anyway."

"Bush you fucking putz, Georgia the fucking country! I invaded it!" Snaps Putin.

"oh yeah, that, well NATO will handle that, have some Chicken Vlad, it's better for you!"


Anonymous said...

We need a man like Jimmy Carter back. He has done, and continues to do more for world peace than any other president. We should have had Gore or Kerry, now we need Obama.


War Monger Hippy Hawk said...

I Love Jimmy TOO!

Anonymous said...

Fuck Jimmy Carter. The only peace we want is a bigger piece. That is why Bill Clinton was great, he was always getting a piece.