Thursday, August 14, 2008


I have to admit one thing today, was a kewl day, in the way I did not get arrested (more on that later) and I received 2 refrigerator magnets and a letter from the Ponceman. I really dug that.

The Ponceman (Josh Perry) I discovered from a friend is the "Retarded Policeman". He has a bunch of really funny videos on YouTube.

Josh is an actor, and is hilarious. Yes, if you see it, he is retarded. But man he is funny. WTF you might be saying? Laughing at a retarded person? Well that aint right. The man is a comic actor and is tearing down walls. HE IS FUNNY! We are retarded in that thinking. I love making people laugh, and can not come close to what he has done.

I have to admit seeing the retarded policeman, felt odd at first, but Ponce was so funny, and after seeing his family and him film responses to viewers, I kicked myself in the butt and had to say "You go Ponce!"

He is hilarious and real. Check out his site, or check out him on YouTube. I already have a link on the right of this blog.

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