Monday, August 4, 2008


OK, I just had an incident where I could not log in, my Blog Account and e-mail account addressed to this blog was hacked. I reset it, and am on, but this is weird.

Is the Ketosis Junkie Paranoid? Is the War Monger Hippy Hawk getting people riled up?

Or, am I a dumb-ass, and forgot my password? Well, I did not forget the password, but something happened.

If you read my blog, and find offensive material taken off, or writtings praising our leadership and the Nations of China, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Argentina and Cuba, you can assume I have been taken out. But do not worry. As we speak I have contacted various women, to bear my clones. These accelerated children will become activated should anything happen to yours truly. YOU CANT STOP THE SIGNAL!

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