Friday, August 22, 2008

He Kexin: The New Face of Evil

“I’m 16. People who know me know I am 16. What more do I have to say?” So says the new face of state sponsored cheating He Kexin. Believe me, she won the medal and this new face of Evil, will not let it go. She will say that same thing until she dies. Perhaps when that happens we can cut her in half and count the rings on her trunk (the way they do with trees) to figure out how old they are. Because we will never know the truth from China.

What really gets my goat is Fucking China! I mean all the shit of the Olympics.

Sure, they hosted the Olympics, and put people in Prison, they execute between 1000-4000 people every year, they have horrible human rights. Then the Olympics are the way a corrupt regime justifies it self. This is done by putting more people in prison, closing businesses, factories, putting people out of work, and treating the people involved in the event, not like humans, but like slaves. You must sacrifice everything for Mother China. Mother Fucking China. I have been there, I have spent years of my life in Mother Fucking China. I used to love it, but now I would not wipe my ass with China. Not even a diarrhea splattered ass is worth wiping with China.

Now the Chinese Government is decided to field 13 year old Gymnasts as 16 year olds, and because it is a Government sponsored cheating, no one will be able to do shit.

The IOC is a Cancerous worm-infested bleeding Vagina that will not stand up to China on this.

They have Chinese RMB sticking out of everyone of their orifices, to give the Olympics to Beijing.

Here is a link to a Chinese site, the helps expose the truth.

Before anyone claims He Kexin is innocent, she is a product of a corrupt government indoctrination program. She is a robot, not a child and as such no sympathy is due her. One hopes in the coming years, He will regret the lies, and admit her age. But that is a slim hope. She is a product of Red China.

Before thinking I am racist, It is not the People of China I am raging about. Rather the regime and the hope for a better China. I feel in love with Eastern Culture as a youth, and want to see a progressive China someday.

China's views on this are the age criteria does not matter. Perhaps the IOC will change that. But that does not change the fact. Cheating, lieing are not to be condoned. But a nation of cheaters, won't get that.

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