Monday, August 4, 2008

China Olympics

In a terrible attack, 16 Chinese Policemen were reported killed in Western China. The attack is blamed on Uighur separatists.

Two men armed with knives and explosives ambushed a military police unit in China’s majority Muslim northwest Monday morning, killing 16 officers and wounding 16 others before being arrested, according to the state media.

Officials suggested the attackers were associated with a murky separatist movement seeking independence for China’s Uighur minority, a Turkic-speaking Muslim people who dominate the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region.

I have said some things about the Olympics, but I violence is not one of them. My thoughts are with the families (always) of the dead and injured.

However no doubt China will be full force on high alert. This gives them the excuse to rollover anything that is against order. That will include protesters.

On a weather note:

The PLA Website reports the air is good and clear.

But the New York times is saying it's bad and athletes are complaining.

Well the reality is on Saturday it was pretty good, see pic above. But Monday it sucked again.

My hopes are a peaceful Olympics with a humanitarian demonstration of human goodwill for all. If a few people could unfurl a Tibetan Flag, or Fulong Gong poser or two on the Platforms, then that's great.

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