Sunday, August 3, 2008

Identity Theft

Well the War Monger Hippy Hawk had his Identity Stolen. You hear about it, but you always think it is someone else.

It left this poor soul cashless for a spell, but that is not what really got my goat.

The ID Thief bought a fucking ZUNE!

I mean, if someone was smart enough to steal my fucking Identity, I would have hoped they were cool, in a sinister sort of way. Like Dr. Evil, or Alan Rickman in Robin Hood.

But they are lame, lame like Al Gore, they bought a fricken Zune. This adds insult to injury.

A friend tried to make be feel better, saying they could have bought some stupid (Samsung, Creative or LG) brand media player... Yeah, well people who by that stuff are too stupid to rip off anyones ID.

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