Thursday, August 7, 2008

Scenerio: Bush gets arrested by Chinese Officials

Here's a scenario for you.

Our president, arrives at Beijing, the Olympics get rolling. A couple of US Athletes protest and get beat upon by the Chinese. Bush makes an announcement, condemning the Chinese and gets arrested. (After a few tense moments, the Secret Service are told by the Commander in Chief to stand down.

Dick Cheney is in charge. He in a disheveled manner, strides into the oval office with his trusty shotgun. "I'm in charge now!".

Let's prepare to nuke the Olympics. Nobody arrests the President! Cheney does not seam to care that the same strike would kill the President.

Meanwhile, the US Athletes (primarily the Basketball team, the gymnastic team, the cyclist and the synchronized swimmers) unite, to form a commando team to free the President and prevent nuclear Armageddon.

Meanwhile Condi has to distract Cheney enough to delay the attack...

More to come.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope that Bush gets arrested. He is a war criminal and deserves what he gets.

War Monger Hippy Hawk said...

Dear Anymouse,
Thank you for writting:

You fucking Hippy! War is what we are all about. He is just fulfilling his own manifest destiny.

Heaven needs to be stocked with souls. War, famine or a big fucking rock falling out of the sky is the only way.

God needs soldiers to kill all the Muslims in heaven, and send them to hell!

Have a good day, and write back soon!

Anonymous said...

You right wingers and your war agenda. You won't be happy until we all die from war, and the planet overheats because of your SUVs.

War Monger Hippy Hawk said...

Yes, I want to die like the dinosaur.

Anonymous said...

Well, you fascists are driving the planet to destruction. The world may be better without humans so keep going.

War Monger Hippy Hawk said...

Thank you Anonymous,

Please keep commenting. I appreciate the exchange of ideas.

BTW, nothing is permanent.