Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's Gonna Be FUN! Olympic Fever!

Well, It looks like it is starting.

Four track cyclists from the US, wore masks when they arrived in Bejing.
The masks were specially designed by and issued to them by the United States Olympic Committee.

It is reported the U.S.O.C.’s lead exercise physiologist, Randy Wilber, had advised U.S. Olympians to wear the masks on the plane and as soon as they stepped foot in Beijing.

However someone got upset. U.S.O.C. officials were apparently unhappy with that choice, reprimanding the cyclists for walking off the plane wearing the masks, two of the team members said. The two cyclists said they did not remember the name of the U.S.O.C. official.

Ah Dude, it's my fucking lungs, ok?

Apparently the U.S.O.C. officials are bying the Chinese government's statements about the air quality.

"It's not pollution in the air ok!, It's humidity, and evaporation!"
It's normal for humidity and evaporation to look like that."

Well, I have been in some pretty humid areas like Thailand, and just after it rained, when it was say, 35 Degrees Celsius. Where we had a lot of humidity and evaporation too. But I still could see across the street, down the block.

Apparently Chinese Beijing Humidity and Evaporation is different then any other place. (it might have more H2S, CO, and other components, that are normal, natural and NOT pollution.

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