Sunday, August 3, 2008

Treat Women with Respect

"Wonderwomen reveals she lost the Remote"

Hi All,

I was in Thailand recently, sitting as I like to do on a Sunday afternoon, in Bangkok, enjoying an Erdinger Dunkel (Erdinger Dunkel Weizen beer). I am not big on Thai Beer. I was minding my own business, eating some Pad Thai and watching sports, you know relaxing.

In comes a tall white guy, he sits next to me and we make eye contact. I say "How ya doing?" We chit chat a bit, and then he starts telling me about how he is not doing so well. My mistake, I probe (not really wanting to probe, but I do it anyhow).

He tells me he is from Denmark and the sad story of how his girl friend (a Thai Bar Girl) has been cheating on him. He expands this on how he has been working as an English Teacher and paying for the apartment he, her and her child live.

I ask him, as you know she's a bar girl (These Girls Bar Girls are notorious for being butterfly's), they always are on the lookout for a better deal.

He explains how beautiful she is, and how hot her body is. Blinded by the poontang, sad, sad, pitiful.

I interrupt him abruptly, "you drink the milk, you don't buy the cow, especially with girls who work in bars.”

He explains she has a child. He felt like he could take care of her. "Is the child yours?" I ask.

“No. he admits, but I like the kid.”

"Your a patsy, a nice guy, you got what you paid for, an instant family, sex and domestic issues while she was shopping for another bigger wallet. You did not figure that out? “

"I guess now I did" He admitted. "But I got her back", he says with a sudden glee.

I probe him one last time, "What do you mean?"

"I caught her coming back this morning, and I punched her in the face!"

Ketosis is against this type of violence, or ANY domestic violence. Sure she may have been fucking around, but that is the nature of people in her position (Poverty, making money flirting with foreign men and drinking all night). It may be wrong from a morality take, as she was using him. But does punching her, proves what?

Maybe in Denmark you behave like that. But my momma, who's first husband was a drunk puncher(a drunk who practiced punching his wife) made it clear, you don't beat on women (less they are beating on you).

He argued how she inflected pain on him, he had the right hurt her back.

Tit for Tat? She hurt him with her vagina, he hurt her with his fist. Is that right? Not in my book. I called the man a loser, Because that is what I saw. He didn't like my words. I asked him if he was going to hit me as well. We left the bar. A couple of guys behind us, championed Ketosis views.

I guess my thoughts on this any abuse should be met with one response, leave. Mental, sexual or physical abuse, should be met with appropriate action. Leave, call the authorities, kick them out ect.

Our Hero from Denmark was a good 6 foot 2 inches tall. I am sure the Thai bar girl was considerably smaller. Not that size matters…

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